About Clifton Inn

Clifton Inn offers the best in the world in the heart of Virginia. Located in the heart of gorgeous Charlottesville, Clifton connects you with history, with luxury, with the very best of the acclaimed Charlottesville dining scene…and with yourself.

If first impressions can be captured in a word, ours is “classic.”

A stately southern manse.  Gently rolling lawns that drop off into pure mountain magic.  A welcome that is Southern hospitality dashed with liberal doses of international elegance and refinement from a staff that hails from around the globe.  Your experience, your memories are by now a few steps away, in one of 17 individually designed rooms – as unique, and uniquely appointed… as you’ll find at any Charlottesville hotel.

Charlottesville restaurants are known for their quantity and their quality. And you’ll find Clifton’s at the top of the heap.  The treasures of the region…The flavors of the world…The tastes of a lifetime…All in a setting that offers just the quintessentially “Cliftonian” mix of comfort and elegance.  More casual dining (and an ever-expanding designer cocktail menu) awaits at our Verandah Bar.

From your perch at Clifton Inn, countless Charlottesville attractions are right within your grasp.  You can be touring Jefferson’s Monticello in a matter of minutes, sipping from the cream of the state’s internationally acclaimed wine crops within a few more, strolling the bricks of the Downtown Mall shopping and dining area, or heading off into the truly great outdoors for any combination of hikes, walks, runs, games and fun.

But here’s a warning.  You might not want to fill your plate too full. Because once you get settled into our 100 acres…Once you get the lay of the land by strolling around or sitting dockside by our private lake…Once you dive into our waterfall infinity pool or enjoy a game of tennis or sip a cocktail on our expansive back deck or picturesque gazebo…

You might not ever want to leave.